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family vacation activity

What better way to spend 2.5 hours together, as a family, then building an epic sand sculpture. Learn the in's and out's of building something you can be proud of! So many families I've worked with say this is the highlight of their vacation and want to make it an annual event. With over 16 years of sculpting in the sand, I can show you all the tips & tricks of building something you will never forget! All tools and supplies are provided for the class. When booking, please indicate what type of sculpture you would like to build, such as: castle, dolphin, shark, sea turtle etc. Each class is tailored to your specific need.  


Ages 5 & up

$300 up to 5 people

 $50/additional person

therapeutic   Sculpting session

So many kids, teens and adults are suffering from depression, anxiety and other psychological worry. Come and discover how sculpting sand can bring healing to the mind and soul. Working in a creative state of mind helps worries fade away and allows healing to begin. This class is low stress, where I teach simple techniques and allow you to become one with the sand. In 2022, during a sand competition in Texas, I received a phone call that my father had passed. I was devastated by this news but, knew he would want me to finish. Working in the sand helped me deal with his passing in an unexplainable way. It allowed me to cope with the loss and gave me peace & calm that surpasses all understanding. 



Ages 10 & up

$300 per session​ 

No more than 4

build my skills

Are you an amateur sand sculptor who would like to learn more techniques, skills or learn how to use certain tools in the sand? This 2 hour class will develop your basic sand sculpting knowledge and give you a competitive advantage over your competition. It's taken me nearly 20 years to learn the techniques and methods through trial and error. Let me save you some time and help! I  specialize in human faces, animals and logo creation. I can also teach you how to build something that will wow the crowds! So why wait? Book your session with me today and learn what it takes to move from an amateur sand sculptor to a master!


Ages 14 & up

$300 up to 3 people

$65/additional person    

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